Join us in the future of security that provides continuous authentication with privacy friendly behavioural biometrics.

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Why Behavioural Biometrics

We need a new mechanism that can distinguish users using online accounts seamlessly: no more hardware assets that you can lose, no more difficult passwords, no more poor user experience. Biometrics solutions based on fingerprints, iris or face recognition aren’t without their flaws. That is why we created to provide a tool that would defend every user of each critical service from digital hijack while maintaining user privacy.

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  • Reliable and privacy-focused protection of user data
  • Quick adaptation to changes in user behaviour
  • A short time from event to the scoring of behaviour

Bank integration

Behavioural biometrics solution of Digital Fingerprints is already being used in production systems to protect customers seamlessly.

Learn about our integration with mBank

Learn about our integration with ING Poland


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Autoencoder: Deep Learning Swiss Army Knife

“If you were stuck in the woods and could bring one item, what would it be?” It’s a serious question with a mostly serious answers and a long thread on …

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Behavioural Biometry and SCA requirements

The Septembers PSD2 Directive is fast approaching. The nervousness is visible not only in the banking industry but also among the clients and the press. Until recently, the hottest subject was Open Banking, and now the most frequently discussed issue is the Strong Customer Authentication requirement. In short, it consists of providing at least a double layer of customer protection in the form of: 1. Something You know – the password and login 2. Something that I have – a phone, token 3. Something I am – that is, a fingerprint, a face scan (some …

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Models’ quality adapted to your needs

For each user, Digital Fingerprints can provide independent models based on users’ behaviour – one runs on a keyboard, another on mouse/touchpad etc. activity. But what does it really mean? …

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