How it works

We create machine learning models based on the data acquired during Human and Computer Interaction (HCI).



Just like with human fingerprint our behaviour is unique. Digital Fingerprints technology uses behavioural biometrics โ€“ we can verify identity of your user based on how he behaves online, including information such as manner of typing, speed of cursor or mouse movement curve.


Data collection

We gather data from a spectrum of sensors built into devices your customers use in everyday life to access the Internet. There are several parameters for mouse, keyboard, screen, touchpad, mobile device sensors โ€“ all to ensure the authentication process is foolproof.

Digital Fingerprints Filter
Observe whatโ€™s the user is doing
Ask for further verification with 2FA
Block the account immediately


You as a business owner are aware of the threats to your customers. That is why it is always your decision about how to react based on the information obtained about identity verification with behavioural biometrics. We prefer to provide it via Machine-to-Machine interface to minimise the delay. Once we start our journey together we will guide you to understand the quality of the models, speed of processing and common reaction types to adapt them to your risk modelling.

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