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Account Take Over (ATO)

If any of users struggle with identity theft – account take over is the next step to care about. Cybercriminal can get access to personal data such as First and Last Name, Address, Date of Birth, or credentials to e-mail or account. Having that knowledge cybercriminal might take over an account of a legitimate user even if additional security questions are used for protection.

Session Take Over (STO)

Session Hijacking occurs mostly on open WiFi networks. Cybercriminals perform man-in-the-middle attacks and steal the information that is used to authenticate user. In other words user logs in to the system and then attacker takes over the session using it the way he wants.

Stolen credentials

Using sticky notes, using same passwords or simple passwords for multiple services sooner or later ends in compromise of credentials. There are also situations where services get hacked and and password databases are are publicly available (see: haveibeenpwnd.com). Behavioural biometrics becomes invisible second factor of authentication – even if someone knows your credentials it is still possible to protect you based on your behaviour.

Friendly Frauds

It is difficult to detect friendly frauds. Imagine that account owner provides his credentials to 3rd person and ask them to perform fraudalent action. Without systems that verify the identity based on more methods than just login and password it is difficult to recognise if payment has been ordered by account owner or someone else. If account owner will report payment as “not done by him” – new law of Payment Services Directive 2 will require Financial Institutions to either accept the claim or fill court case within 24 hours. With Digital Fingerprints it is possible to detect frauds before they happen by monitoring that behaviour of current user differs from the behaviour of original user.


Purpose of fraud is very often a monetary gain by deceiving users. Cybercriminals often use social engineering, phishing or fake web sites of well known banks or e-commerce portals to acquire information needed to perform fraud.

Account Sharing

Credential sharing is major impediment for services that are based on subscription model. If end users share the account – you lose money.

Automated attacks

Some of the well known botnets such as Zeus, Necus, Dark Cloud automate the process of attacking financial institutions. Automated programs are used to perform fraudalent actions. It is possible to detect those with behavioural biometrics.

UX with current MFA

Unhappy with typing numbers from your hardware device or software token? Often lose hardware assets such as smart cards or scratch cards? With behavioural biometrics no additional hardware is required. System works in the background providing MFA without impact on the UX.

You need to comply with Payment Services Directive 2

Behavioural Biometrics is considered compliant to provide the inherence element of Strong Customer Authentication.

Learn more about PSD2

Possibilities are endless

Possibilities are endless

If you want to add a bulletproof layer of security to your online services, Digital Fingerprints is for you. Digital needs to be protected. We see that

  • Financial institutions
  • Insurance companies
  • Gaming industry
  • E-commerce

and others can benefit by protecting their customers online.

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