First bank in Poland to launch Digital Fingerprints

A breakthrough in the field of security is launched, based on behavioural biometrics on 12.12.2018. It is about verifying the user by measuring his interaction with the computer. It is the first such solution on the Polish market. The project is implemented by Digital Fingerprints in cooperation with mBank.


In the first implementation period, starting on December 2018 in the form of a pilot, the bank will offer a service to 50,000 eager customers. After the participant agrees, Digital Fingerprints starts working for him in the mBank transaction website. It will measure typical user behaviour only when using online banking, based on the way the mouse moves, the “scroll” and “touchpad” buttons, the dynamics of using the computer keyboard. In the future it will also include the use of smartphone. On this basis, the user’s behavioural model is built. The system will verify users by comparing their current interactions with their respective complete profiles. Data collected to construct behavioural profiles do not contain any sensitive information. The models are stored in the form of mathematical models that prevent the company Digital Fingerprints and other entities to identify a particular person.

The users of the service will have the right to forgotten, i.e. ask to delete their data as well as opt-in or opt-out from the service as it is required by GDPR.

After the test period, the service might be offered to all customers and will constitute another layer of security. This will allow for a quick response in an emergency situation and further preventions of frauds, account takeover or session takeover.

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